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cheese platter with some organic fresh cheeseHere at Crown Meat & Provisions Inc., we know cheese! This pasteurized delight is a great complement to many classic American dishes and with the wide range of cheese ages and flavors, can be a staple of the most superior gourmet menus.

We are proud to offer a great selection of cheese to suit the needs of your kitchen. A lot goes into the packaging and distributing of cheese to the Southern California area. Our USDA inspected facility receives large orders. We then inspect to ensure proper packaging and presentation.

Did you know that packaging can change the flavor of cheese? Cheese contains living organisms that influence aroma and taste. Special care should be taken depending on the type at hand. For instance, unpasteurised cheese shouldn’t be sliced until absolutely necessary or else its aroma and flavor can fade. Also, cheese should never be stored with other aromatic cheeses and foods, as they can absorb the other flavors and spoil the taste. Soft cheeses should be packaged loosely to keep their shape and ensure a great end presentation.

Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. understands the care that needs to be taking while handling and distributing cheese. Based upon our research and development team’s findings, we provide a wide range of cheeses from reputable farms and will be happy to walk you through our selection.

Ready to place your order? We offer fast, easy, local delivery today or on a regular basis. We are proud to provide the best selection to keep your customers satisfied.