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Fresh raw chicken  fillet  and vegetablesChicken is a staple of just about every menu we’ve ever encountered, but it’s not always done right. The best chicken dishes are great because of how the chicken was raised and how the meat was handled on its way to the plate. Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. offers a superior selection of chicken to complement your culinary creations the right way.

Many of your customers will have special dietary concerns. We are proud to offer fresh portion control, organic, and free range chicken. We offer the same great brands throughout the year to ensure that once you find a brand of chicken that complements your culinary style, you’ll always have the opportunity to come back for more. We understand that your customers rely on consistency and we cater to that need.

Foster Farms is one of our reputable brands, offering poultry with no added hormones, artificial flavors, steroids, or preservatives. Foster Farms chickens are fed a nutritious diet high in corn. The meat is handled only when necessary in order to preserve the raw delicious flavoring that your customers expect.

We strive to be of the utmost convenience to our clients and offer delivery on an as-needed basis according to the volume of your customers and the menu involved. All of our chicken is handled properly and inspected at our USDA facility.

If you’re ready for a long term solution to your chicken needs, place your order today! It would be our pleasure to advise you on the right brands and the appropriate order to fulfill your needs.