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Poultry is a necessary addition to menus of any type of commercial kitchen. We have an excellent assortment of chicken and turkey. Our goal is to allow you the opportunity to serve consistent quality to your customers all year. Your signature chicken and turkey dishes should have unfluctuating character to keep your customers satisfied and coming back for more. For more information on our poultry selection, reach out to our team of friendly experts!


Fresh raw chicken  fillet  and vegetables

If your kitchen serves meat, you probably have several chicken dishes on the menu. Chicken is a great staple of many of our favorite dishes and the opportunities for seasoning this meat are endless. However, chicken isn’t always done right. We have good news! Crown Meat offers the most reputable brands of chicken and we keep the same brands year round. The juicy, consistent quality of our chicken will have your customers coming back for more. Learn more about our our chicken here.



Roasted Turkey On Tray Over White

Turkey is a meat that is held in high regard in restaurants and delis alike, as an excellent mild accent to a sandwich or a seasoned addition to a holiday dish. We understand that you want to provide the same great taste to your customers year round, which is why we provide consistency in turkey cuts and brands throughout the year. Turkey breast is the most popular cut of this meat and the brands we stock use the utmost care in minimal processing to ensure great texture and flavor with every delivery.