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bulk-meat-deliveryOur meat goes through minimal processing in order to deliver you the highest quality product. We are well known for offering timely quality bulk meat delivery to your business.

Our Delivery Schedule:

Coachella Valley: Monday-Friday
Orange County: Monday-Friday
Los Angeles: Monday-Friday
San Diego: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday
Lake Arrowhead: Thursday
Temecula: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Once received, we log the meat that comes through our USDA inspected processing facility. If it is not necessary for anyone to handle the meat, it will leave our facility shortly to ensure freshness. All meat is tested for temperature to be sure it is under the critical limit for the utmost health and safety standards. Our certified choice products even have farm to table traceability.

If the meat requires cutting, we offer custom cutting for steaks, patties, and more. We strive to give you exactly what you need for your dishes with orders specifying cutting, packaging preferences and more.

We provide consistency in our meat, no matter if it is pork, poultry, seafood, wild game, or beef. We know that our clients depend on uniformity to allow them to perfect their recipes and keep customers happy and coming back for more.

Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. provides bulk meat delivery to some of your favorite restaurants, delis, caterers, venues and more throughout Southern California. The frequency of your delivery will depend on the needs of your kitchen. We will be happy to work with your specific requirements. We sort orders every night based on the route it’ll be taking, whether that be Los Angeles, Orange County, or four different routes in our local Coachella Valley neighborhoods.

Our experts will be happy to walk you through choosing the right product for bulk meat delivery to ensure an adequate supply and amazing quality today and tomorrow. Ready to place your order? Place your order with Crown Meat today!