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The piece of delicious ham and spices on white backgroundSearching for the perfect ham? Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. has a fantastic selection of hams. Our team has worked hard to carefully curate a delicious selection of the best ham for our clients.

The chefs in our area have come to love our selection of ham. We serve kitchens big and small, from upscale resort restaurants, to delis, to the best wedding venues and caterers.

No matter the occasion, ham tends to be the centerpiece of any meal with which it is prepared. This is due to its superior taste. Ham and pork both come from pigs, but ham is a different cut of pork. It is the tender back end of the pig. Bacon comes from the same area, but bacon cuts contain far more fat than ham and ham is traditionally cured meat.

The curing process is done by salting and washing the meat, then allowing it to rest, dry, and mature. This process creates the delicious, salty ham that we have all enjoyed on the dinner table growing up and at our favorite restaurants. It is very important that salting is done by a professional, reputable ham master to ensure the absolute best in taste and texture.

Our research and development team has taken the time to determine the best brands of ham available and everything is processed in our USDA-inspected facility.

If you would like more information on how our ham can complement your culinary mastery, contact us here. Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to help you determine the right cuts, quantity, and brands for your kitchen.