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Tasty butter isolated on whiteAny seasoned chef knows of the difference quality butters can make to a dish. Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. provides high quality butters as the foundation of a perfect meal for your customers.

We are proud to provide butters from Challenge Dairy, the most consistent quality butter in the country. Challenge Dairy opened its Los Angeles doors in 1911 as The Challenge Cream & Butter Company. It began as a distributor of products from the cooperative creamery associations of Riverdale and Tulare. The company was build upon quality and while no longer delivered via horse and wagon, provides the same great quality to this day.

Challenge Dairy’s Standards

Challenge Dairy has been well known for a high standard of operation and quality products since 1911. We are proud to offer butters from a company that upholds standards of:

  • Sustainability - Removes synthetic hormones and and uses renewable forms of energy to operate their farms.
  • Community - Partner with schools all across California to deliver healthy products for school meals and events.
  • Humanity - Committed to providing aid to the hungry both domestically and overseas.

Ordering Options

Crown Meat offers several different options of butter and margarine. We offer the following bulk options used primarily for baking:

  • 55 lb. salted butter blocks
  • 55 lb. unsalted butter blocks

You can also order smaller amounts suited to serving your customers, including:

  • Pack of 36 1lb. unsalted sticks
  • Pack of 36 1lb. salted sticks
  • Butter balls
  • Butter chips
  • Whipped butter
  • Margarine tubs
  • Plugra European style butter

It’s time to start cooking, baking and serving high quality butter! Give us a call to discuss your ordering options today. Start your ordering process today!