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Close up deep fried potato chip on salmon steak dishCrown Meat & Provisions Inc. is delighted to provide a high quality selection of fries for great taste. Our fries don’t require heavy seasoning, but will supply a great-tasting potato base to any unique fry recipe of your choice.

The fries that we provide go through a process in order to deliver you the best tasting side orders for your customers. The potatoes are provided to us after harvesting at the most reputable farms. Our research and development team has done an excellent job choosing farms that you would want to support. Our experts oversee the machinery that cuts the potatoes with expert precision. The pieces then go through a defect removal to ensure each delivery includes only the best-looking potatoes, ready for frying.

The cut potatoes are then held in water at almost 200 degrees Fahrenheit to eliminate enzyme action and remove unnecessary sugars that develop from starch. This allows uniformity in color and texture. After they are dried, the potato slices are fried in oil in a pan for up to 4 or 5 minutes. Excess oil is shaken from the fries and after a brief cooking period, they are ready for packaging.

Everyone knows what is a great French fry and what is not. We are here to provide you the great base that is sure to provide your customers a fry recipe that they will love.

We are happy to provide fast, consistent delivery options straight to your kitchen for your convenience. We also offer will call for those who have this preference, or to accommodate last minute orders. Ready to place your order? Reach out to our friendly experts today!