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three plump center cut pork chops on whiteIf you are looking to store pork for longer periods of time, Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. offers a fine selection to satisfy your needs. Our research and development department has carefully selected the best pork brands that keep the same great taste after freezing and defrosting.

Part of the great value that we offer our clients is that we provide the same reputable brands every day of the year. Our clients truly value our product because of our consistency. They know that they can rely on our meat to offer consistent great taste in their culinary creations to keep their customers satisfied and coming back for more. Our frozen pork selection will allow you to plan ahead and stock your kitchen to prepare for many meals to come.

Our friendly staff will be happy to walk you through our cuts of frozen pork and the different tastes and textures they create in a dish. We work with restaurant owners, caterers, and chefs that provide great tasting meat to customers all over the Coachella Valley and Southern California.

Many of the chefs and restaurant owners we work with have come to rely on the Seaboard Foods brand of all natural pork. The delicious taste of this pork will keep your patrons satisfied and create returning customers for your business. Seaboard Foods has a seasoned quality assurance team that ensures the utmost level of food safety, nutritional value, and proper processing to give you a product that is ready to be frozen and enjoyed when you need it.

Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. runs a USDA-inspected facility. We truly care about cleanliness, customer service and convenience. We will deliver your order straight to your kitchen, or you may pick up at our will call.