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Our-HistoryCrown Meat & Provisions Inc. started as a small operation and has earned its reputation for quality, consistency, and customer service for over 20 years.

In 1977, our Vice President, Glenn Olivier got his start in the industry working for a small meat company in Newport, CA called Corrigan Meat Co. The company was acquired by Monfort of Colorado, a beef packing company. Glenn started as a driver and warehouse employee before moving to sales in 1980 when he transferred to Sacramento. Glenn stayed there for 11 years until Monfort was acquired by Conagra. In turn, they bought Young Meat & Provisions in Los Angeles along with a branch in Palm Springs. Glenn was working as a Branch Manager for Young Meat & Provisions in Palm Springs. He later closed the branch and connected with Joe Eckfeld, Jerry White and Ralph Wilhide, to open Crown Meat & Provisions Inc.

The founders bought their current facility in 1996 and acquired the building next door. They have 18,000 sq. ft. of office/warehouse space that now houses their USDA processing facilities and ports for shipping and receiving. The ownership of this building is one of the reasons they can continue to provide competitive prices for local food providers.

Crown Meat began as a six employee operation and now has nearly 40. Leaders in the organization have over 110 years of combined experience in areas that contribute to their success, including accounting, business management, marketing, and of course, meat processing.

Over the years we have established great relationships with reputable brands such as Cargill Beef Packing, Foster Farms, and Prime Meridian Seafood. Crown Meat will continue to uphold the high standards of quality that they were founded upon over 20 years ago.