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sausageWhen you order sausage from Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. you can expect the highest quality meat available. Our selection of sausage is carefully selected and treated for the many reputable kitchens we serve in Coachella Valley and throughout Southern California.

We understand that when you find the right meat for your a popular dish, you want to work with the same great meat year round. This is why we build strong relationships with our providers and our clients’ favorite brands so we can stock the same excellent product with the same great taste whenever you need it.

High quality sausage links are made from ground meat and stored in a natural casing. Some sausages are cooked within the casing and then the casing is removed. Sausage adds a great amount of flavor to any dish, often making it the main focus of our chefs’ classic favorites. From smoky to spicy, we’ve got the right sausage flavor for the dish that’s going to truly impress your customers. We carry reputable sausage brands, such as Broadleaf Game and Daily’s Premium Meats.

Crown Meat prepares and distributes sausage from our USDA-inspected facility. Our employees uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and proper handling of the meat. We also place a great emphasis on customer service, as we provide prompt delivery straight to your business or the option of will call at your convenience.

Join dozens of chefs from your favorite restaurants, wedding venues, catering companies and more. Are you ready to place an order? Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. will respond to your order promptly. We can help you learn more about our selection of sausage today!