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raw set of sea fish food : salmon , red tuna, and sole fish chunks served on wooden plate isolated on white backgroundIf you’re looking for the right selection of fish to complement your culinary style, we have a great selection to suit your needs. Crown Meat & Provisions Inc. receives shipments of fresh fish regularly to our USDA inspected processing facility. As your local meat and fish providers, we are proud to provide fast delivery and consistent product.

We understand that the taste of fish can vary greatly depending on how fish are raised and where they come from. That is why we carry the same superior brands of fish from only the most reputable fish farmers and fishermen. Our research and development team has found the best selection of fish and can advise on the right fish for your unique customer base.

Seafood has an enormous amount of health benefits. As the populations of Southern California grow more and more health-conscious, it is important to provide fish on your menu for a healthy alternative to most meats. Our clients who do serve fish have noticed a peak in interest in their fish dishes. Customers are asking more questions and expect healthy meal options.

Seafood should be your main dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids, which are great for your heart. The American Heart Association recommends fish because it can reduce your risk of stroke, heart attack and hypertension. Your customers are seeking these health benefits, but they do not want to sacrifice great taste.

If you order fish from Crown Meat & Provisions Inc., your customers will be sure to come back for more. Ready to place your order? Fill out your order form here!