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Beef steak on a wooden table.At Crown Meat & Provisions, we promise the finest quality meats all the time. We are proud to offer a selection of USDA prime beef. These exceptional cuts, which represent a mere 2% of the beef produced in the US, do not earn this top-tier label easily.

For those who only want to serve their customers the very best, we strongly recommend our USDA prime beef. In addition to our overall commitment to organic, free-range, grass-fed meats, we provide the most tender, flavorful, and juiciest cuts of beef.

This prestigious grade of beef spawns exclusively from well-fed, young cattle. The maturity level combines with the level of marbling (the amount of fat mixed in with the leaner parts of meat) to award this all-natural, organic meat its label.

To bring out the best flavors of the meat, prime beef is best cooked by dry-heat methods, such as grilling or broiling. Most prime beef is served exclusively at high-end hotels and restaurants, setting it apart from the cuts you might buy in your local grocery store.

Crown Meat & Provisions values consistency and quality above everything else. This is why we offer all of our brands, including Prime Meridian and Daily’s Premium Meats, throughout the entire year at competitive prices.

Don’t hesitate to experience this dedication for yourself. Order today to get our highest quality meats delivered right to your door. Or if you’d rather, pick it up from our local facility at your convenience between 6 a.m. and 3 p.m. Get ready to satisfy and impress your guests!